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Jun 14, 2022 | Inspiration

purple puff sleeved dress

Hello lovely hunters, 

We all know the feeling when the party invites come in. All those happy moments for celebrations that you want to share with friends and loved ones. But what to wear?..  You don’t want more impulse buys because let’s face it, you don’t need another outfit just to wear once . 

We believe so many great pieces are already out there that deserve another moment in the spotlight!  That’s why we went on a little hunting trip to find you some real showstoppers that already exist and ready to make you shine !

We want to give you some tips for scoring that perfect preloved party proof outfit and send you out with some DC tips & tricks.

Step one : Go for a little trip in your own closet or a friends.  You will be amazed how many pieces you already have or what works better for your dear friend. Try everything on and make some new combinations , don’t be afraid to experiment. Your own funky skirt with a friends top can bring new life to your wardrobe.

Step two : Adjustment time! Yes, visiting the seamstress or asking someone can do the trick. Sometimes making small adjustments can make a forgotten piece your new top favorite ! Removing sleeves, adjusting it to your size or just making it a little shorter can make all the difference. Falling in love with what you already have and reworking it makes it more unique and personal.

step three : Hunting for your treasure. This begins with knowing what feels good for you. What do you love to wear? Wich clothes make you smile and most of all what occasion will you need them for ? If you love wearing prints and colors just go for it! Scan through the rails and take out the pieces you like. Later you can look if they have te right vibe or fit. (adjusting them to your own size is an option!) . If you want to be dancing all night long think about the fabric and chose natural breathing fabrics like cotton, linnen or even viscose.

step four : Accessorize – A simple dress can be lifted up to another level by a pair of statement earrings, a vintage broche or a big bowtie in your hair. Dressing up should be fun and most of all there are no rules ! So wear that funky hat, colorful bag or printed scarf and make some wonderfull new memories.

Hope you liked these tips & tricks. Always welcome in our Antwerp shop we are happy to help you find your “new” treasure.                        Let’s fall in love with the past and spread some preloved joy.

Love ,

Britt & Camilla // team Dressing Circles

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